All due respect, Emily, but I’m not sure how you’re drawing that conclusion from the Pew study cited. A person who highly approves of the job the POTUS is doing is not automatically racist; why, then, are white evangelicals who approve of his performance being labeled here as white supremacist? Consider the findings of this other Pew study, that only 29% of evangelicals who voted for him did so because of his views on race relations. Even with this statistic, these 29% are only a problem if: A) Trump’s race relations qualify as white supremacist; B) point A is obvious to the average evangelical; and C) those evangelicals who voted for him did so in hopes of seeing white supremacy become dominant. I don’t see this manifest itself in reality, and I certainly don’t see any support of this view in the study you cited. And I, as I hope you would too, want to be charitable to anyone claiming Christ who happens to disagree with me, rather than jump to stretchy or altogether-unfounded conclusions about them.

One-time copywriter, now hobbywriting on ethics, values, religion, philosophy & truth, with a dash of humor. Views are my own (and others’, but not my employer)

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