Here’s my last word for now, and don’t feel obligated to engage (in a rational dialogue with a fellow human who has not been rude, condescending, judgmental, or anything worthy of the reactions seen here). It may seem to you as though I’m approaching the subject casually and in an aloof manner, but that’s solely for the sake of brevity, to focus on the inherent truths about morality and ethics at the bottom of this issue. You have no way to know “my lived experience” on this issue — whether or not I’m the product of a failed abortion; whether or not I have ever driven a partner to PP for an abortion; whether or not I have adopted children out of crisis pregnancies; etc. — because I haven’t presented that as part of how I arrived at my conclusions, since these sorts of peripheral life experiences have no bearing on the truths of the matter. I’m strictly here discussing moral facts, but I’m realizing that cold hard facts don’t interest you (nor, judging by their silence, anybody else reading this comment string), so I’ll be on my way.

As a conclusion, if you think I ought to be shamed for my convictions, then you don’t understand them very well. I am entirely consistent to follow facts to their conclusions, and to be sure they align with how Jesus of Nazareth — arguably the most reasoned, most loving, and most truth-honoring human to ever walk the earth — would navigate 21st Century western culture. So if you want to blame a man for my position on any issue, blame Jesus.

One-time copywriter, now hobbywriting on ethics, values, religion, philosophy & truth, with a dash of humor. Views are my own (and others’, but not my employer)

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