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There’s a lot to be said

Hello, Medium. I’m Dave. The pleasure is all mine.

I’m a newb to the blog deal, but I’ve shared my ideas for years — amongst friends, relatives, and maybe people I think are my friends but who might disagree — by way of social media posts, email exchanges, small-gathering public speaking, and friendly one-on-one conversations. For some time, I’ve been considering various forums (er, fora?) where I might formally submit my written thoughts into the marketplace of ideas, for discussion and deliberation. I happily stumbled upon Medium via following my own interests in the various people, places and things of the cryptocurrency/blockchain ecosystem. (On these topics, I passively watch, listen and ponder; I do not write.)

I’m sure most of you agree that Medium appears (at least at first blush) to be a lively, healthy, and engaged space for contributors and readers alike; so if this holds true as a realistic expectation for writers here, then it will be a delight to exchange ideas with those very bright minds I’ve encountered on this platform.

In me you’ll find a generous, honest, and thoughtful interlocutor, should we have the pleasure. I believe Dr. Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, put it best in his suggestion: “Be egalitarian regarding persons. Be elitist regarding ideas.”

Much of what I plan to initially publish here is from my previous work elsewhere (I welcome suggestion from seasoned Medium members regarding how/when best to drip-release these), peppered with new pieces as they come to me — all with the caveat that I can only write during those few precious down moments I can find between parenting two pre-schoolers and working my day-job. Ya feel?

Let’s get to it!

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